This page is dedicated to Augustus “Gus” Murray, and the picture of how his life started with us as a reminder that this type of neglect can be prevented with everyone’s help and assistance.

Jennifer & Gus ... photo by Kristy Troyer Photography.

Gus was recovered in Catoosa, OK on North 145th East Avenue and Tiger Switch on August 5, 2011 at approximately 1:30 AM. Any more fine and gentle horse could not have been found, and we are very pleased that the apparent neglect and dumping of Gus did nothing to destroy his trust in human handlers. We believe that Gus – being somewhere between 400 and 500 pounds under-weight, malnourished and emaciated – should have been found in this condition with his hoofs “up” instead of him being found walking around.

In light of Gus’ condition, Dr. Jim Shipman, D.V.M. of Shipman Veterinary Services in Claremore, OK stated two very important points of interest to us. First, that Gus’ condition is the result of neglect. Second and more important, that with the right diet, vitamins and care, Gus should recover just fine. This second statement from Dr. Shipman elated and prompted us to do more as we come to make some realizations in terms of human relationships to animals.

Condition Update October 24, 2011: Gus has been with us now for 80 days at the time of this report. He has gained enough weight to be completely out of danger. On Oct 24, 2011, Gus was gelded for health and safety concerns, had his teeth floated and received the following vaccinations: 5 in 1, West Nile and Rabies. Gus now has a pasture mate named Moses, and though Gus still has the stallion hormones in his system (and will for the next 30-45 days), the two seem to be getting along fine. Gus will begin round pen and lunge training as soon as his recovery is complete, but until then, just some exercise and light riding to assist in keeping the swelling down from his surgery. Augustus “Gus” Murray is definitely part of the family now. He is the sole reason that Jennifer has registered and opened this Non-profit Livestock Rescue Company … “Mended Fences Ranch Incorporated”. Take a look at the video below taken recently. Thank you for your assistance, this is what happens when people actually care.

Condition Update September 16, 2011: Gus has received scheduled worming, proper medical treatments and a terrific diet. He is not out of the “bushes” yet so to speak, as he is still being closely monitored for health improvements. However, he is doing much better … judge for yourself. The picture on the left was taken August 5, 2011 when we rescued him. The picture on the right, was taken September 16, 2011. Can you see the improvements made with a lot of love and great friends?

We would like to thank all of the individuals, organizations and companies who have elected to donate to the Mended Fences Ranch Inc. livestock rescue company. It is only with your support, that the otherwise neglected or abandoned animals, can find better homes, health and happiness. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Please note that due to our privacy policies, the Mended Fences Ranch Inc., will not list private donors, sponsors or supporters on this page without the express written consent of such donor. However, we will list those businesses below, in hopes that our visitors will frequent their establishments and websites for future references and purchases. Thank you.

Augustus “Gus” Murray WILL IMPROVE in health. See the progress in his recovery below. Thank you for your assistance and donations.


Gus was neglected and left to die on the side of a road. He was rescued August 5, 2011 at 1:30 AM by us. Follow him in these pictures while he is on the road to recovery! Thank you.

If you want the kind of Professional Care and Treatment for YOUR animals that GUS received on his way to recovery … visit the Shipman Veterinary Services in Claremore. Tell them that the Mended Fences Ranch Inc. crew sent you. Thank you.

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